Private Cottage

Far from mass tourism our “Boutique Hotel” is perfect for relaxing vacation.

Spend a week at Paradise Bay Bahamas and discover the Bahamas like you’ve never seen them.

You will stay along the seaside, a few feet from a 1.2 miles long beach on which no resort is installed. Protected by a natural coral reef, this bay is one of the wildest on Exuma. Your stay can include 3 offshore excursions allowing you to explore a wide range of Bahamian beauty.

1 Bedroom cottage

Stay in your private cottage, on the beach. Perfect for a couple or a …

2 Bedroom cottage

These 2 bedroom cottage are composed of 2 bedroom and …

2 Bedroom villa

With a kitchen, are 2 bedroom villa are ideal for family vacation …

Tours & Activities

To enhance your stay on Exuma, Paradise Bay offers a wide range of activities. There will be something for all tastes and all budgets: whether it be boat trips, jet-ski tour, catamaran cruise, boat rentals, cars rentals, scooters rentals, etc …

Boat Tour

Full-day boat tour, Half-day, there are a lot of excursions …

Catamaran Tour

You want to try a new experience on the water…


You can rent a car, a scooter, a boat or a jet-ski to discover …

About The Bahamas

You will find all necessary information, to learn more about this beautiful country of more than 700 islands and less than 300 000 inhabitants: its history, its currency, its climate, events, etc.


Far from the mass tourism of Nassau, Exuma is perfect …

The Bahamas

With more than 700 islands and Cay, the Bahamas are…

How to get to Exuma ?

From Europe, the USA, Canada or Nassau, you have …

Our special offers

If you want to discover the Bahamas for a special events, Paradise Bay, offers to organize your wedding on Exuma while the formalizing in Europe with the help of our European partner.

We also offer special offers for honeymoon, wedding anniversaries or offers that combine stay at Paradise Bay and catamaran cruise to sail the countless islands of the Exumas !


Far from the mass tourism of Nassau, Exuma is perfect …


Enjoy your honeymoon in our resort and we will help you …


From Europe, the USA, Canada or Nassau, you have …

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