Enjoy Kite-Surfing in front of Paradise Bay.

Many spots in Exuma

Paradise Bay is perfectly located if you want do some watersports like KITE-SURF, WAKEBOARD, WATERSKI, etc.

You will be able to practice these sports right in front of Partadise Bay or in Rolleville Bay which is notorious for Kite-Surfing (2 miles away from our place).

For the beginners novices, we will gladly put you in touch with the local Kite-Surfing school, which is open during the best time for the Kite-Surfing in Exuma which is usually between December and May.

Kite-Surfing School

Exuma Kite-Surfing is located at less than 10 minutes by car from Paradise Bay. You can even take some lessons right on our beach !

Gary the manager of the school of Kite-Surf Exuma (Certified IKO / PASA), offers numerous packages to learn Kite, to improve or simply take you kiting in unusual places.

Equipped with its BOSTON WHALER, its boards and sails, Gary is THE must-person on Exuma for all kiters!

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New Experience

Bring your own equipment and we will give you all the tips to be able to find the multiple hidden spots in Exuma !

Depending of where the wind is coming from you, will be able to kite in front of Paradise Bay, Cocoplum Beach, Elizabeth Harbour or on the west coast of the Island.

Far from the crowded beaches of Kite-Surf wings, you can get away for hours without hitting other Kite surfers.

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Kite Instructor
Exuma Kite-Surfing

Paradise Bay

+ 1 (242) 358 5229

Cocoplum Bistro

Paradise Bay – Queen Highway,
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